Floater Assorted Sizes


Floaters are Box Panels with a smaller size Masonite Panel attached to the surface of the Box Panel with spacers (included).  This affords the artist the ability to paint on the Masonite Panel, finishing the surface of the Box Panel as desired, giving the effect of the finished painting floating above the background surface.  The Masonite Panel is 2″ smaller all the way around which leaves 2″ of the Box Panel showing all the way around the painting.  The painted example is titled Iris Floater, and the Design Packet is available here.

Prices are Subject to Change without Notification.


We make custom sizes.  If you don’t see the size that you need, please call 812-366-4180 for pricing.

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Floater Sizes

8 x 8 with 6.25 Floater, 8 x 10 with 6 x 8 Floater, 9 x 12 with 7 x 10 Floater, 10 x 10 with 8 x 8 Floater, 11 x 14 with 9 x 12 Floater, 12 x 16 with 10 x 14 Floater, 12 x 22 with 10 x 20 Floater, 14 x 18 with 12 x 16 Floater