Swallow Tail Butterfly & Marigolds E-D-435



This is a digital product. Swallow Tail Butterfly and Marigolds is a colorful painting depicting the beauty of a butterfly alighting on a marigold bloom. It is painted on an 8 x 8″ Masonite Panel. It also fits on an 8 x 8″ Box Panel (no frame required) or and an 8 x 8″ Slider Frame. The E-Design packet includes complete instructions and photograph(s) to finish the painting in oils. There are two PDF files associated with this digital product, making it easier to view on a tablet or computer as you paint. Download the files or copy them to your device, and then open the files on mobile devices using the appropriate app on your device.

Prices are Subject to Change without Notification.


E-Designs are complete design packets with a full set of instructions, color photos, line drawings, and paint swatches available to you in PDF format after your purchase. Once your payment is received your E-Design is made available for immediate download.